RVS 3.10 Launched

Streamlined software verification with RVS 3.10.

With its range of usability enhancements, RVS 3.10 makes critical software verification easier than ever.

Faster, more manageable justifications

In RapiCover, you can now apply a single justification to multiple locations, reducing the effort involved in managing justifications in projects with many coverage holes of the same type.

When viewing a justification in the RVS Project Manager, you can quickly and easily add multiple locations, or ‘Targets’, associated with that justification. You can also apply an existing justification to any element in a table, or in the source code view.

Enhanced RapiTask Viewer

In RVS 3.10, the RapiTask Viewer is now easier to navigate and customize. It allows you to dock and rearrange windows in your main layout, and remember or apply saved layouts each time you use the application. You can also view useful metrics (such as CPU load) alongside your trace.

About RVS

RVS (Rapita Verification Suite) collects verification data from critical software while it runs either on host machines or embedded targets. Using RVS, aerospace and automotive electronics engineers can tackle the challenges involved in developing and maintaining critical embedded systems.