Structural coverage analysis

RapiCover calculates the following types of coverage achieved by software tests:

  • Function
  • Call
  • Statement
  • Branch/decision
  • Modified condition/decision coverage (MC/DC)

These terms are described in detail in our white paper on the eight top code coverage questions in embedded avionics systems.

RapiCover supports advanced MC/DC analysis including masking of MC/DC conditions, analysis of decisions with up to 1000 conditions and configurable use of either CAST-10 literal or traditional definitions.

RapiCover's efficient analysis engine and integration workflow reduce the effort you need to obtain coverage results. Coupled with the ease of automating testing to occur during your regular builds, you'll be producing coverage data faster than ever.

It's easy to view your results with the RVS Project Manager, which lets you compare results from various stages in your project so you can track progress over time. This application also lets you filter your results based on the folders, files and functions in your project as well as individual test runs that you can specify with RapiCover.