Steven VanderLeest: Principal Engineer - Multicore Solutions (US) Rapita is delighted to announce that Dr. Steven H. VanderLeest will be joining Rapita Systems as Principal Engineer - Multicore Solutions (US) on 14 October 2019.
September was a big month for spreading Rapita's multicore message, featuring three events and a publication.
Rapita Development team take on How Stean Gorge for their annual team-building day Last week, the Development team were pushed to their physical limits as...
What is a Hackathon? Started by Dr Zoë Stephenson, head of our SQA team, Rapita's Hackathons are casual, tech-focused events designed to enable the attendees to work on both personal and professional projects....
With a range of new features, RVS 3.9 makes critical software verification more efficient than ever.