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As one of the safest and most secure programming languages, Ada offers great benefits in safety-critical applications, where safety standards require evidence demonstrating that code operates within a required safety level. AdaCore's GNAT Pro and Rapita Systems' RVS offer complementary methods...
Attending Embedded World this year? Stop by the Rapita/Danlaw booth for a live demo of RapiTest, Rapita's revolutionary unit &...
Rapita Systems' CEO, Dr. Guillem Bernat, will present Rapita's approach to multicore timing analysis at the 6th international MCS workshop at HiPEAC, Tuesday 22nd January at the Manchester Central Convention Centre.
ConsuNova and Rapita Systems are hosting a practical DO-178C training workshop in San Diego on the 25th - 26th July 2018. ConsuNova is a leading global provider of DO-178C training, certification and compliance solutions, while Rapita Systems is an industry-leading provider of real-time...
Rapita Systems is proud to announce the release of the RTBx 2220 datalogger, which collects trace data from embedded targets as they run software tests and offers a straightforward and cost-effective approach for collecting data for use with RVS.


Date: 25-Sep-18 to 27-Sep-18
Location: London, UK
We're: Exhibiting
HIS 2018
Date: 06-Nov-18
Location: Bristol, UK
We're: Exhibiting
DO-178C training workshop
Date: 13-Nov-18 to 14-Nov-18
Location: Bristol, UK
We're: Co-hosting