RapiTime Software Links with TLA5000 and TLA7000 Logic Analyzers to Simplify Development and Debugging Tasks of Embedded System Software Designers
European distributors of software and tools for high tech development engineers, SDC, have announced a distribution agreement with software timing analysis and simulation experts Rapita Systems.
Rapita is pleased to announce the latest release of RapiTime, version 1.2. This release provides many customer-requested features including:
Rapita is pleased to announce the latest updates to RapiTime including: Support for recursive functions. RapiTime can now find the WCET and other timing profile information for recursive functions. Available for all supported languages. Support for function pointers. RapiTime can now find the WCET...
Rapita Systems Ltd. announced its entry into the Japanese market following the recent partnership with Tokyo based company AI Corporation. Japan is a technology hotbed with many high-tech companies including Automotive and Telecoms OEMs and suppliers. AIC...