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CEO of Rapita Systems, Guillem Bernat will be giving a lecture to the "Quality Assurance in Critical Software and Systems" professional training, to be held in Barcelona, Spain during 2nd to 6th February 2009. Dr Bernat will be discussing experiences in timing and probabilistic analysis, worst-case...
Rapita Director Dr Ian Broster will be giving a lecture on worst case execution time analysis to the University of York Diploma in Safety Critical Systems Engineering on 18th December 2008. He will be explaining the techniques for analysing software execution time including profiling, measurements...
Rapita Director, Rob Davis, will be presenting "Response Time Upper Bounds for Fixed Priority Real-Time Systems" at RTSS, at Barcelona, Spain. The paper was written jointly with Professor Alan Burns of University of York. Further information on RTSS can be found at ...
Rapita Systems directors Antoine Colin and Guillem Bernat are co-authors of "Attacking the Sources of Unpredictability in the Instruction Cache Behavior", which will be presented at the 16th International Conference on Real-Time and Network Systems in Rennes, France on Oct 16-17th 2008. The paper...
Rapita Systems' CEO, Dr. Guiem Bernat, will be giving a technical presentation entitled, "Timing matters: Optimising the worst-case execution time." "How long does my software take to run...and how can I reduce it?" are key issues for embedded engineers designing reliable systems. Understanding,...


Embedded World 2019
Date: 26-Feb-19 to 28-Feb-19
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
We're: Exhibiting
AV Tech Week (AEE)
Date: 12-Mar-19 to 13-Mar-19
Location: Munich, Germany
We're: Exhibiting, Presenting
Date: 04-Jun-19 to 06-Jun-19
Location: Sicily, Italy
We're: Exhibiting
ADA Europe
Date: 11-Jun-19 to 14-Jun-19
Location: Warsaw, Poland
We're: Exhibiting, Presenting