RapiCover Structural coverage analysis
  • Measure code coverage up to and including MC/DC
  • Lowest on-target overheads on the market
  • Merge coverage from multiple tests and builds

RapiCover is the lowest overhead tool for structural code coverage analysis. By using efficient, configurable instrumentation, RapiCover collects coverage data up to and including MC/DC from embedded targets and exports this to a report for certification.

RapiTime Timing analysis
  • Calculate WCET and high water mark times
  • Identify where to focus optimization
  • Single and multi-core analysis

RapiTime calculates timing metrics such as WCET and high water mark times from embedded targets, helping identify optimization candidates. RapiTime's configurable instrumentation can be applied to even the most complex targets, including multi-core.

RapiTask Scheduling/event tracing
  • Visualize system scheduling graphically
  • Highlight rare timing events e.g. race conditions
  • Identify system capacity issues

RapiTask helps to understand the scheduling behavior of multi-core and multi-threaded embedded systems. By providing a variety of helpful charts and graphs, RapiTask helps to identify timing and system capacity issues.

RapiTest Unit/system testing
  • Manage tests from the system to unit level
  • Apply and execute tests on-target and on-host
  • Designed to significantly reduce testing times

RapiTest reduces the effort needed for embedded software testing. By offering a variety of powerful test authoring formats and injecting and running tests automatically, RapiTest streamlines test development and execution.

RTBx Data logging
  • Trace 100+ million events per second for days
  • Minimal instrumentation overheads
  • Target independent tracing

RTBx captures trace data from embedded targets at extremely high rates. With a configurable, low overhead instrumentation library and easy-to-use web interface, RTBx is the most advanced data logging solution on the market.

Mx-Suite Signal-driven software testing
  • Test simulation models and software code
  • Provide evidence that code meets requirements
  • Test on target ECU

Mx-SuiteTM provides an integrated platform to manage software tests. Using a novel approach of interpreting native signal interfaces from the software under test, Mx-Suite lets you test your software from early design to the end of its life cycle.