What is RapiTime for?

RapiTime is an on-target, automated timing analysis tool. Built to aid development and testing of real-time, embedded applications in the aerospace and automotive electronics industries, RapiTime reduces the cost and effort required to conduct timing verification, optimize software, update legacy systems and integrate critical real-time embedded systems.

Timing verification

RapiTime is the alternative to the intensive and expensive effort required by engineers to perform timing verification on safety critical real-time embedded software.

Timing verification

Wide range of data makes verifying timing behavior straightforward

Updating a legacy system

RapiTime is an effective way to increase confidence in your business case when you need to choose between sticking with your legacy hardware or opting for an upgrade.

Software optimization

Use RapiTime to eliminate weeks of trial and error and quickly focus on your optimizations that have the greatest impact in reducing peak CPU load/worst-case execution time.

Software optimization

nav_oval makes the biggest contribution to WCET (11.264%), so it's the first place to start optimization

Obtain the best verification information possible from an embedded target

RapiTime helps to get the best verification information by combining your raw data from the target with sophisticated analysis.

System Integration

RapiTime identifies the causes of performance problems during integration and assists on-time delivery of complex systems.