Functional testing for critical software
  • Unit testing/low-level testing
  • Software integration testing
  • Hardware/software integration testing
  • System testing/high-level testing
  • Software requirements-based test generation
  • Qualification: DO-178B, DO-178C & ISO 26262

RapiTestFramework workflow

Fast, cost-effective software testing

Cut time from your test project with RapiTestFramework – its powerful test formats reduce the time it takes to write test cases.

Run tests as part of a continuous build environment on either a host computer or your test rig, so office hours don’t delay your project.

Link requirements to your tests so you can save time when checking them later. 

Test on-target

Run tests directly on your test rig with RapiTestFramework. As on-target specialists, we have experience working with complex embedded systems including those with multicore architectures, and can collect data from almost any embedded target.

In most cases, RapiTestFramework lets you run tests on-target automatically, for example in a continuous build environment.

Custom solution

Each software test project is different. Because of this, we work around you to find the best strategy to meet your needs.

We offer multiple strategies for on-target integration, flexible licensing options that don’t lock your license to a single project, and training and verification services to help you get the most from RapiTestFramework.

If you have existing tests, we can help you convert them so you can run them with RapiTestFramework

Get ready for certification

Reduce your certification costs by using our qualification kits for DO-178B, DO-178C and ISO 26262.

We provide tool qualification documents along with on-site tests and an oracle of expected results you can use to qualify RapiTestFramework for use in your project.  

Integrated testing environment

RapiTestFramework is part of the Rapita Verification Suite (RVS), which comprises multiple testing solutions.

After getting one RVS tool working in your development environment, it is easy to get others working.

Why not use RapiCover with RapiTestFramework to collect structural code cover data while you run your test cases? 

Want to get started?

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Get up to speed with RapiTestFramework with a training course delivered by one of our engineers. If you’re short on skilled test engineers, why not take advantage of our expert verification services?

Key features

Functional testing

Run functional tests of software at the unit, integration and system level.

Automate testing on host and target

Run tests on both host computers and test rigs in continuous build environments.

Efficient test generation

Reduce the time needed to write and execute tests.

Powerful test formats

Write simple and complex tests easily using user-friendly formats.

Portable test environments

Multiple users can share the same test environment.


Qualifiable for use in DO-178B, DO-178C and ISO 26262 projects.

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