What is RapiTestFramework for?

Software test programs are a time-consuming but valuable element of critical systems development.

Tools which are not developed specifically for large-scale projects have a double impact on the overall testing program:

  • Testing effort is wasted on low value-added activities; and
  • Program delays are added if the unit test activity is on the project's critical path (as it often is).

Rapita Systems’ on-target test solution, RapiTestFramework, is designed to drive inefficiencies out of low-level testing in large projects, thereby reducing costs and eliminating unnecessary delays in the testing process.

Preliminary access to RapiTestFramework is available now via our Early Access Program. Please contact enquiries@rapitasystems.com


RapiTestFramework Overview

RapiTestFramework is optimized for embedded systems with large code bases, running into millions of lines of source code.

RapiTestFramework provides the following key features:

  • Support for different levels of testing from low-level unit testing up to full system test
  • Integrated code coverage reporting built on RapiCover technology
  • Testing on-target and on-host
  • Fast incremental builds
  • Flexible test entry supporting table based tests and test scripts
  • Easy duplication of testing environments. The same test environment can easily be shared or redeployed between multiple members of the testing team.
  • Display differences between test runs. Quickly identify what has changed during testing.


Features of RapiTestFramework:

  • Easily duplicated test environment
  • Fast incremental builds
  • On-target and on-host support with easy migration
  • Configuration management integration
  • Easy use of RapiCover
  • Merge unit test coverage with system tests coverage and justifications
  • Flexible target integration
  • Multi-user/large project support
  • DO-178B/C, DO-330 Qualification Kit
  • Adaptable spreadsheet import
  • Configurable injection of framework code
  • Flexible stubbing
  • Powerful scripting language
  • Customizable test creation GUI


Interfaces to other RVS plugins

RapiTestFramework supports RVS plugins to extend system testing to monitor other software properties, for example:

  • RapiCover provides structural coverage analysis up to MC/DC. The justifications feature supports  “covered by analysis” arguments, to allow 100% coverage to be reached, even where there are valid reasons that make this difficult.
  • RapiTime supports the measurement of detailed timing properties, and allows the calculation of worst-case execution time.

RVS lets you combine results, such as those from RapiTime or RapiCover, from individual unit tests with system test results to provide a complete picture of your system's behavior.

Other RVS plugins that can be used to address a variety of verification requirements (such as worst-case stack usage) are available through our Early Access Program.

Preliminary access to RapiTestFramework is available now via our Early Access Program. For more information, please contact enquiries@rapitasystems.com