RapiCover | Structural coverage analysis for critical software

Low-overhead coverage analysis for critical software

    Coverage analysis

    Analyze code coverage up to and including MC/DC on-host and on-target with low overheads. View coverage by folder, file, function and test case, and filter results to highlight missing coverage.

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    Visualize coverage by treemaps

    Treemaps let you visualize the coverage of your entire system at a glance. Zoom into individual folders, files and subprograms to identify missing coverage and your next steps quickly.

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    Justify untestable code

    RapiCover justifications let you mark untestable code as covered by manual analysis. Use templates and custom fields to reduce justification effort, and the migration feature to relocate justifications when source code changes.

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RapiCover Aero

Structural coverage analysis for aerospace software

  • Qualifiable for DO-178B/C and ED-12B/C (DAL A-E)
  • Extremely low instrumentation overheads
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RapiCover Auto

Structural coverage analysis for automotive software

  • Qualifiable for ISO 26262 (ASIL A-D)
  • Extremely low instrumentation overheads
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Fast, cost-effective coverage analysis

RapiCover reduces the time and effort required to obtain structural coverage data. Its justifications let you mark untestable code as covered by analysis, while you can also merge coverage from different test runs, even when your code changes between them.

If you run MC/DC analysis, RapiCover can help by highlighting missing MC/DC vectors.

By integrating with your existing build system, RapiCover avoids adding unnecessary overheads to your build, and its extremely low target overheads reduces the number of builds needed to produce data.  

Test on-target

Run tests directly on your test rig with RapiCover. As on-target specialists, we have experience working with complex embedded systems including those with multicore architectures, and can collect data from almost any embedded target.

After integrating RapiCover with your existing build system, it collects data while you run your tests as you would typically, for example in a continuous build environment.

RapiCover’s instrumentation overheads are extremely low, so it can collect data even from targets with limited memory. 

Custom solution

Each software test project is different. Because of this, we work with you to find the best strategy to meet your needs.

We offer multiple strategies for on-target integration, flexible licensing options that don’t lock your license to a single project, and training and verification services to help you get the most from RapiCover.

Get ready for certification

Reduce your certification costs by using our qualification support for DO-178B, DO-178C and ISO 26262.

We provide tool qualification documents along with on-site tests and an oracle of expected results you can use to qualify RapiCover for use in your project.  

Integrated testing environment

RapiCover is part of the Rapita Verification Suite (RVS), which comprises multiple testing solutions.

After getting one RVS tool working in your development environment, it is easy to get others working.

For example, you could use RapiTest along with RapiCover to generate and run requirements-based tests and collect structural coverage data from them. 

Want to get started?

To start using RapiCover, download our free trial today. 

Get up to speed with RapiCover with a training course delivered by one of our engineers. If you’re short on skilled test engineers, why not take advantage of our expert verification services?

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